How to Look Good when You Are Tall and Thin

If your body type is tall and thin, you can have problems finding clothes that look good on you. Most of them will simply look as if they are hanging off you instead of conforming to your natural curves. However, there are a few fashion secrets which can remedy this problem. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Wear horizontal stripes

The rule is that horizontal stripes make you look wider while vertical stripes make you look taller. Since you are already tall enough, horizontal stripes are the way to go as they will create the illusion of you being bulkier than you really are. Just be sure to avoid wearing vertical stripes since these would only exacerbate your problem.


2. Don’t wear loose clothes

You would think that wearing looser clothes will create the appearance of you not being as thin as you actually are. However, oftentimes they will have the exact opposite effect. Since you are thin, these clothes will simply hang off you, actually accentuating your problem instead of concealing it. At the same time, very tight clothing will leave nothing to the imagination and show how thin you actually are. Fitted clothes are ideal, just don’t go overboard.


3. Wear custom clothes
If you really want an outfit that accentuates your positive qualities and hides the negative ones, there is no better alternative than custom clothes. These are designed specifically for your body type. While you might avoid them as being too expensive, the truth is that you can find sales on custom clothes which make them more affordable than you would expect.


You will also need to buy undergarments such as mens underwear. At you can find a very nice selection of products, all top quality and available for every possible body type.


Fashionable, Warm and Practical

FashionI was in the city centre last weekend and marvelled at the number of young people who shunned the idea of a coat despite the fact there was a biting wind. I suppose it is all about fashion; after all their time in the streets between bars is limited and they would soon warm up in the next popular haunt. Fashion exists in all types of clothing so the whole thing is lost on me because there are jackets that announce your fashion sense the same way as your other clothes.

It’s all well and good to play the fashion role in warmer weather when a few designer labels on jeans and T-shirts are enough; as winter approaches you need a far more practical approach about the clothes you wear. Psychologically you can actually feel colder simply because the days are shortening. Is it an illusion? Well you wouldn’t walk around bare-chested would you no matter what the occasion?

Winter Restrictions

Certainly, it isn’t as easy to dress in the winter and look fashionable but there are clothes that are warm as well as fashionable. They don’t have to be heavy to carry round when you move inside and can’t find somewhere to hang them.

If you opt for something that simply keeps out the cold wind that is a start. In the extremes of winter you certainly need a heavy coat or be prepared to hop between bars in a taxi. If everyone has the same idea you’ll need a bit of patience as well. On a typical winter’s night a windcheater may be enough and certainly it can be the first new item in your winter wardrobe.

Very late cold nights

Liberal licensing laws have meant that there are people still walking the streets in the middle of the night when temperatures are at their lowest.

Everyone looks forward to the weekend nights especially those who have had a difficult week at work. You can’t go out at the weekend if you’ve been ill all week with a cold, the direct result of catching a chill. You may be less fashion conscious during your time at work and happily wear a heavy coat.

Don’t go absent

Who am I to tell them what to do but it has motivated me to comment on this interesting blog post about clothing. Personally I think you should dress for the weather conditions otherwise there is every likelihood that you will miss some of those precious nights out because you are not feeling well enough to go out. You won’t be flavour of the month if you spread your germs amongst your friends.

If you turn up next weekend dressed in a fashionable windcheater your friends will catch on. It may not be instantly but once they see how comfortable you are and not hindered by this lightweight whenever you enter a bar they’ll soon be asking you were you bought your new jacket. A design which allows you to wear it open in warmer conditions yet wraps you up warmly in the cold streets is ideal.


Tips On Shopping Perfect Men’s Jeans

download (60)Jeans are an essential product in every guy’s outfits collection and professionals declare that the common man has at least seven sets. The fact that denims are such a choice outfits makes it very essential to discover the perfect pair every time you shop. It is essential discover the design that performs for you and this means that you should look for denims that are made for your whole body shape. There are many choices to choose from and this can create it hard to discover the best pair. The following tips will come in useful when you are purchasing.

Identify the different styles

It is essential to discover out the different designs available so that you can create the best choice with regards to dimension, design and budget range. When choosing design, you need to figure out the increase that performs for your whole body shape. There are three main denims rises; the low, mid and high-rise. The mid rise denims that sets around the navel is the most popular choice. The other two kinds can be rather dangerous and very few people can take off the looks.

Buy the best dimension and fit

You need to know your dimension and also the best fit for your whole body. Purchasing denims that are too small or too large will keep you looking like you are dressed in borrowed outfits. Even though you know your dimension, create sure that you try on the denims, as the dimensions usually differ based on the developer. The fit explains the way the denims has been cut and some of the choices include the boot cut, the wide or comfortable fit, the straight cut and slim fit.


Ways to enjoy the Benefits of shoe shops Online

There are many places to buy shoes locally, but they tend to come with a lot of hassle. Consumers can avoid them by using their computers to get online. The internet is the environment that virtual retail shops with Stuart Weitzman flats are thriving in these days. There are some details listed below that will enlighten readers more to the benefits.


Flexibility :

It does not take a car or an address to get Stuart Weitzman flats. The internet is full of retail shops that sell shoes for reasonable prices. All a consumer would need is an internet connection and that’s all. They will then have the flexibility to choose from among thousands of retail shops. They all have their own website url’s and can be found with the right keywords. Other methods like word of mouth can lead consumers to the retail shops that are right for them. Not only will they find the best shoes, but also be able to purchase them at any time of the day or night. This freedom is the trademark of the internet. It is something that separates retail shops from common local shoe stores.


Security :

Stories of identity theft are common and occur frequently on the web discouraging new consumers from enjoying the benefits. What they have to realize is that security is never 100% full proof. However, the technology that is designed to protect personal data rivals if not exceeds spyware. Consumers can investigate websites in question and find out if the web pages are encrypted. Most websites will have updated firewalls and other features to prevent hackers from stealing valuable information.


Shipments :

The internet is largely popular due to the convenience. Consumers are tired of driving long distances to shop, so they visit websites instead. They save a lot of gas money by doing this. Delivery services makes this all possible and they enjoy huge amounts of revenue that come from the e-commerce industry. Consumers can pay for the products and choose what types of shipping options they want. Sometimes the services are free depending on a number of factors. The bottom line is that consumers do not have to leave their homes to shop for shoes; they can simply go to and do all their shopping from home.


Content :

There is a principle known in the internet marketing community that states that content is king. It is this content that informs, encourages and inspires consumers to buy from particular websites. This can be used to one’s advantage if used correctly. After all, there has to be descriptions since the products cannot be felt physically. Blogs and reviews are also valuable with bits of information that discuss other people’s experiences with certain products.

Consumers do not have to endure the hassles that come with shopping locally. Retail shops online are far more consumer friendly and flexible. The websites have advanced security features and shipment options. Content is even provided free of charge to keep customers informed. By staying aware of these benefits, consumers will stay focused on buying Stuart Weitzman flats on the web.


Removing Mystery Stains From Clothes

download (132)If there is a smudge or any other mystery dirt on your outfits, you don’t need to go one step further to get rid of it. With patience and the right technique, you will be able to eliminate the dirt without stress. The dirt should be soaked in cold water before laundering or applying a dirt cleaner. Some areas require hot water, like coffee, wine and blood areas. You should sponge a dirt and not rub it because rubbing it will spread it and may spoil the outfits. It is important read the label directions of the material and follow them properly. If the guidelines say you should not apply bleach to the material, you should take to it seriously. Sensitive clothes should be taken care of by cleaning it in a zippered mesh bag of nylon. It is vital to make sure that the mark is fully gone before trying to dry the material because heat can set areas.

For small areas and fresh blots, they should be sponged directly with a prewash dirt cleaner, a paste made from powder cleaning laundry soap or a liquid cleaning laundry soap and a little water. You can also dab the mark with dry-cleaning fluid and allow the garment to stay for many minutes or leave it over night. You should cleanse the material in the soap and hottest water that is secure for the material and color-safe bleach should be used. The guidelines on the bottle should be followed and you can do it again if needed. You should then tumble dry at the setting that is secure for the material. For large areas and old areas, the material should be soaked over night in the hottest water that is harmless to it in a washer. You should cleanse as usual, making use of color-safe bleach, an enzyme soap and the hottest water that is ideal for the material.